CHANGELOG 1.18 – UI and Anti-Air Overhaul

UPDATED MAR. 31 2020
Update 1.18 – UI and Anti-Air Overhaul

Anti-Air Changes

Added new sights for Anti-Air guns – Right click to zoom!
Tweaked AA gun damage
Lowered max pitch angles on US and GE AA guns

User Interface Changes

Victory progress HUD widget redesigned for all game modes.
Victory progress HUD: Removed objective points redundancy.
Victory progress HUD: Now shows the capture progress and which faction is capturing.
Victory progress HUD: Now shows the actual countdown for Assault.

Town Map Changes

Removed roof capture from church on Town Map
Reduced the capturezone of C4 on Town Map
Added new props on Town Map

Colmar Hamlet Changes

Added fords to the river on Colmar Hamlet
Smoothed Terrain on riverbanks on Colmar Hamlet

Mountain Town Changes

Fixed several floating props on Mountain Town

Airfield Map Changes

Added extra AT-weapons to all objectives on Airfield Map
Made it possible to cross the river again in the outskirts of Airfield Map
Fixed floating haystacks on Airfield Map
Fixed overlapping textures on windows on Airfield Map
Fixed several LODs on Airfield Map

Krepost Changes

Fixed a small gap on the tall windows on Krepost
Fixed pipe endings being transparent on Krepost

Other Map Changes

Added PBR and overhauls to the terrain materials for Depot, Sawmill, Airfield, Tank Factory and Mountain Town

Other Changes

New Unique “Lucky” Skins for all Trucks
New hatch animations for hull gunner on M4A1 and Panzer IV

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