CHANGELOG 1.17 – Cold Front


Known Issues

Some LOD, clipping and other terrain issues are remaining on some maps, we will work diligently to get those fixed ASAP, thanks for your patience.
Holiday Special
Added snowballs to player’s pockets!
Added snow and snowfall on all maps
Added three new Holiday Skins for Bazooka M9, Panzerbüchse and Ampulomet Model 1941
Holiday skins for Thompson M1A1, Maschinepistole 40 and PPSh-41 has been enabled

Map and Terrain

Airfield Map has been reworked, more cover, more flanking routes and overall better gameplay experience
Deployed new Terrain system on Samrée Depot, Sawmill, Airfield, Factory and Mountain Town maps

RTS Changes

Added a new RTS feature. Deployment queues are now account based

Plane Skins

Added 6 new Plane Skins for American Recon and Medium Fighter and GE + SU Recon and Heavy Fighter

Models and Props

Fixed multiple props clipping
Fixed multiple places where a player could get stuck
Fixed several texture errors
Added a new system for building houses. Soft launched new house on Colmar Hamlet
Converted 4×4 1/4 Ton Truck, Kübelwagen, and GAZ-67 to PBR

Other Fixes

Fixed an issue with the Matchmaker not limiting Special Classes. Special Class limit has been enabled again.
Added a glow to deploy points to increase visibility in the deploy menu
Fixed a Flash Client issue where First Aid Kits would have a Variant
Fixed an issue where AI would ignore walls

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