Update 1.16.2 – Captured Weapons and More!

You just defeated the enemy and see a weapon you like… Take it, use it and eventually unlock it for you to use!
Waging war is a resource heavy endeavor and let’s face it, using the enemy’s weapon against them would be the ultimate chance to get back at them. Why not free up some resources and just steal what your faction does not supply!
Captured Weapons
Soldiers are now able to capture enemy weapons, just pick up the enemy’s weapon and shoot away. When you have used an enemy’s weapon for long enough you will unlock the ability to purchase it for yourself!

The first time you pick up an enemy’s weapon and use it, you will be able to view your progress with that specific weapon’s ribbon in the Ribbon Overview in the flash client.
Captured Weapons unlock for purchase when you reach Ribbon Rank 9 of that specific weapon.
(Required Ribbon Rank can vary for some weapons)
Captured Weapons’ purchase price are marked up by 4 times their original price. Maintaining enemy weapons is not an easy task for Soldiers in the battlefield.
Captured Weapons can’t be modded except a Captured Weapon specific bullet. Maintenance of these bullets are increased by 15% compared to their counterpart.
Recons who capture Bolt-Action Rifles are able to modify the weapon with a Tier 1 Recon Scope.
Some Captured Weapons does not have their own ribbon. One of such weapons is the Ampulomet Model 1941, it is unlocked when progressing on the Tank Destruction Ribbon.

A few select weapons are available outside their normal intended unlock. We don’t want to spoil all the fun, so get out there and explore what special weapons you now have available in your arsenal!

New AI Soldiers in Staged Battles
We are introducing the first version of our new AI Soldiers! In addition to players, AI controlled soldiers will now join each team in matches to assist with capturing. Not only will they allow you to lure out the enemies, but more soldiers in a battle will also enhance the feeling of an all out war! 
Quick Overview:

The new AI Soldiers are sent in on all open attack lines to assist with capturing points.
AI Soldiers will not replace players, they are in addition.
The number of AI Soldiers in a staged battle is dependent on which gamemode it is.

We made a short Q&A about the AI Soldiers which you can find here!
Drive safer with our Bug Fixes
We have tweaked our road generator to smooth out the terrain where we generate roads. This should get rid of ripples and spikes in and around roads. While this does not get rid of ripples or spikes on off-road terrain, it is one major step in addressing the terrain issues.
Infantry First Badge and Iron Fist Badge have been discussed heavily since our Armor Update. We have deployed a fix to address some issues raised by the community.

Infantry First Badge now only affects Infantry and Recon based vehicles.
Iron Fist Badge now only affects Tanks.

Steal the enemies’ weapons and fight for victory now!
Click here to check out the full changelog!
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