CHANGELOG 1.16.2 – Captured Weapons and More!

Update 1.16.2 – Captured Weapons and More!

Known Issues

AI Soldiers have been disabled as of 10:15 AM CET due to networking issues, we will update the players on this issue when it is fixed.
The ribbon overview might show the icons of the previous selected Soldier
The ribbon overview show Vehicle Specialist ribbons that the Soldier has no progress on.

Captured Weapons

Soldiers can now capture enemy weapons by progressing specific Weapon Ribbons to Rank 9
Some Captured Weapons are unlocked later than Ribbon Rank 9
Some Captured Weapons are unlocked by using Tank Destruction Ribbon
Some Captured Weapons are available outside some Soldiers’ normal arsenal
Captured Weapons cost increased by 4x when purchased outside their related faction
Captured Weapons are not mod-able except a specific bullet type which is 15% more expensive than their normal counter-part

An exception are Bolt-Action rifles captured by Recons, they are able to be modded with a Tier 1 Recon Scope

New AI Soldiers in Staged Battles

AI Soldiers are sent in on all open Attack Lines to help with capturing points.
AI Soldiers do not affect number of players in a match – they are an addition
AI Soldiers intentionally Counts as Kills
AI Soldiers intentionally do not show up on the Scoreboard

Progression and Equipment Adjustments

Moved GE H3 unlock to level 5 from 3
Moved Tier 3 AT Weapons to Ribbon Rank 11 to make room for captured Tier 3 AT Weapons
Decreased equipment points for Stg44 and AVS to 6

Bug Fixes

Improved Road Generator to include a smooth value, this should prevent roads from having ripples or spikes
Infantry First now only affects Infantry and Recon based Vehicles
Iron Fist now only affects Tanks
Added Collision to the windows on Paratrooper Planes to protect the paratroopers
Fixed an issue where players in prone could get stuck on the Soviet stationary Anti-Air gun
Fixed the description for Flak Jacket, Infantry First and Iron Fist to reflect their actual behaviour
Various Localization Fixes

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