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HOTFIX 162581 – [19.11.2019]
In the recent months we have shifted focus to allow more bug fixing while working on fresh new content and features!
In this hotfix we are deploying a change to our core gameplay along many new additions and a lot of bugfixes – almost 40 to be exact!
Assault Changes:
Staged Assault Battles will always have the defenders start with a random accesspoint from the start!
War Assault Battles has had it’s fair bit of changes. Defenders no longer own neutral lines, and those lines are not part of the match until Assault Teams arrive at them.
Defender’s lines are neutralized and deactivated automatically as soon as attackers capture a key point connected the defenders to that line.
– This prevents the often criticized “capture around the corner” confusion: Once an objective is captured by the attacker, the only remaining option is now to capture the next objective(s) but it is no longer possible for attackers to accidentally or intentionally capture attack lines that lead away from the objective and were owned by defenders.
– Lines that are disabled by the attacker (by neutralizing the adjacent Objective) can not be re-opened by attackers or defenders (preventing a frequent toggle of line ownership whenever new resources arrive).
– Lines that are closed by the defender (by capturing all Capture Points of the line including the first one) can not be re-opened by the attackers and can be used by the defenders as if it were their line (as is used to be the case already before the changes) but can become disabled if the attackers capture the adjacent Objective (see rule above).
– Assault Teams that are sent to disabled or closed lines by the attacking Generals do not participate with their resources in the battle (the first Capture Point of the line is either shown in enemy faction color or in gray when clicking the Town on the War map), as it already was the case for closed lines before the changes. This gives defenders a chance to thin out attacking resources by capturing a line while preventing attackers form opening a new line when the battle for the objectives is already ongoing, potentially weakening the attack. Resources sent by the defending faction to disabled or closed lines are always added to the resource pool in the town center and will participate in the battle, as it already was the case for closed lines before the changes.
Read the full changelog here!
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