LAPSA, nouvelle marque d’alimentation animale distribuée en pharmacie, propose aux pharmaciens un kit spécialement adapté aux personnes déficientes visuelles pour leur permettre de découvrir facilement la gamme, au même titre que les personnes voyantes. LAPSA est une marque créée pour tous ceux qui se préoccupent de la qualité de l’alimentationRead More →

Soldiers! Now is the time to stock up for war with 50% OFF on all inventory!** Treat yourself with a new vehicle, weapon, camouflage or repairs! While you are busy with cleaning the skirts of your new vehicle, why not grab a Veteran Membership to reap all the rewards! No matter whatRead More →

Huby Innovation est un lieu de découverte de l’innovation, qui propose des produits et des marques du monde entier, rarement en vente dans les circuits de vente traditionnels. Il s’agit de la première boutique en ligne hybride : elle vend uniquement des produits innovants et leur donne de la visibilitéRead More →

Soldiers! You just defeated the enemy and see a weapon you like… Take it, use it and eventually unlock it for you to use! Waging war is a resource heavy endeavor and let’s face it, using the enemy’s weapon against them would be the ultimate chance to get back at them.Read More →

Update 1.16.2 – Captured Weapons and More! Known Issues AI Soldiers have been disabled as of 10:15 AM CET due to networking issues, we will update the players on this issue when it is fixed. The ribbon overview might show the icons of the previous selected Soldier The ribbon overviewRead More →

Soldiers! Prepare your war machines, stock up on ammunition for your vehicles now! Vehicle Ammunition is 30% OFF with Credits and Gold for the next 24 hours! New Update Spotlight We have recently updated Heroes & Generals WWII to patch 1.16.2! Captured Weapons, new AI and bug fixes! Read all about theRead More →