CHANGELOG 1.16.1 – HalloWar Update


1.16.1 – HalloWar Update
New Melee Weapons

Added US Baseball Bat
Added GE Baseball Bat
Added SU Lapta Bat
Added a Limited Time Halloween skin for each bat
Added Unlocks for new Baseball Bats to Close Combat ribbon level 8

UI Fixes and Adjustments

Messages players has to press something to remove are all moved lower out of central view
Capture messages are only shown as a notification if they are objectives or you are in the capture zone. All capture events are shown in the team chat
Fixed a UI issue where the spawn screen had inconsistent display of control points and objectives
Fixed a UI issue where newly added lines behind access points would overlap with control point name
Fixed a UI issue where the grid on the ingame map was offset
Fixed a UI issue where character type drop down would appear empty under rare circumstances

Flash Client Bug Fixes

Fixed a Flash Client bug where ribbon progressions were shown wrong in store bundles
Fixed a Flash Client bug where titles were missing on War Update and Friends List
Fixed an error preventing some players from downloading files

Infantry Scopes & Recon

Fixed an issue with Scope reticles having a height offset.
Adjusted starting scopes for newly purchased US and Soviet recon Soldiers. All Recon Soldiers starts with a Rank 7 scope now. People who are missing a Rank 7 scope can expect it to appear within this week.
Fix for wrong scopes coming with newly purchased US and Soviet recon soldiers

Battle Context

Changed the flow of how assault teams arrive at the start of the battle
Added war event log and notifications (When assault teams arrive and when access lines are opened)
When assault teams arrive, the resources that they contributed with, count up on the resource overview
When deploying, the resources you used are shown and count down
Options to hide/show all resource notifications was added to the settings menu
In the deploy menu when hovering over capturepoints will show the resources located at that accesspoint, hovering over spawnareas will show the resources in the pool you are about to draw from”


Fixed several localization files

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