France is burning! Join your faction and fight for supremacy!
A new battle awaits! The American army is in disarray!
Germans from the north, Soviets from the south. War is everywhere!
Only one faction can take control over France, which one will it be?
Fight for your faction now!
Battle of Dunkirk:
The Allied forces are on the retreat! The Germans and Soviets are quickly taking more ground in France. Will the Americans be forced to retreat to Dunkirk and back into England? Or will they be able to push back, and never lose France in the first place?
The Objective:
If you are a U.S. General, use your additional resources wisely, fight against 2 strong enemy forces and gather your soldiers to victory!
If you are a German or Soviet General, strategise with your allies and your troops to defeat the U.S. army!
Each faction has its own advantages and challenges in the war, only one can prevail. Join the battlefield and pick your strategy to decide who will rule Europe!
The Challenge:
The American forces have two isolated fronts and have very few options to expend. Can they force a breakthrough and push back into Europe?
The Soviets have the most ground to start with, but a lot of ground means a long front line. Will they be able to hold their lines and better yet, expand to control all of Europe?
The Germans too have a very wide front line, there is a lot of ground to defend, will they be able to take further control in Europe?
Your Reward:
For the duration of this event* all soldiers participating in the WAR effort will get the following rewards:

Thursday January 01, 1970

All players who win at least 20 battles during the event will be gifted a special ‘wartorn’ skin
Increased XP multiplier for the War Victory ribbon x10 (only for stats that require war victory)
Increased XP multiplier for the Battle ribbon x3 (only for stats that require battle victory, for both soldiers and commanders)
These rewards are valid for both soldiers (winning battles by combat) and commanders (winning battles by sending ATs).
The skins are feature distinct differences between the factions; the G43 with battle marks and fabric wrap, the SVT-40 with battle win marks and repair paint and the M1 Garand as a “Dunkirk” engraved British issue – so choose wisely, you only get 1 of the 3 skins.

Thursday January 01, 1970

Remember, the War Victory ribbon unlocks extra command points for commanders (ability to deploy more ATs) and the Battle ribbon unlocks the ‘Charismatic Leader’ combat badge that boosts morale on assault teams when worn by the commander.
Get in WAR Battles NOW and defeat your enemies for extra rewards!
* Event runs from May 23rd to June 7th 2019

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