[UPDATE: TEST IS OVER!] Test release candidate of update 1.12

UPDATE 2: 1299 players participated in the test of the first Release Candidate. We selected 13 players at random and in random order. We will now reach out to them to make sure they get their prizes. These are the winners:

silverEx240 – Prize: H&G branded Zippo-lighter
Krogz – Prize: H&G branded Hoodie
Matt6767 – Prize: H&G branded Hoodie
JTarsicio – Prize: H&G branded T-shirt
K0L0WRAT – Prize: H&G branded T-shirt
JEFF75 – Prize: H&G branded Bag
Söderla – Prize: H&G branded Bag
ivan.kirpenko – Prize: 90 days Veteran Membership
LSXAS – Prize: 30 days Veteran Membership
PINKAS – Prize: 2000 Gold
qutaiseli – Prize: 1000 Gold
hubertg82 – Prize: 500 Gold
DjPuffnStuff – Prize: Red Hand of RedBjarne ingame helmet

Congratulations to the winners!
UPDATE: THE TEST IS NOW OVER AND THE PROTOTYPE SERVER CLOSED! We found some critical crash-issues, as well as other issues. Thank you for your help and thank you for your feedback. We will draw the winners and reach out to them via ingame messages shortly.
We are in the final test-phase of the upcoming update 1.12 “Deploy! Drive! Destroy!” and we need your help NOW!
We need you to log in on our Prototype Server to play the latest release candidate. You should just play like you normally would.
The goal of this test is to test the stability of the release candidate, so if you encounter a crash, you should send the crash report. If you encounter other issues, please post them in the Public Test Feedback section of the forum.
All who plays at least one battle on Prototype before 06:00 CEST tomorrow morning (26th of September), will participate in a prize draw with cool prizes such as a H&G branded Zippo-lighter, hoodies, t-shirts, bags, Gold and Veteran Membership. The more who plays on Prototype, the more prizes we will give.
In order to participate, you will have to download the Prototype client.
You can download the client by clicking the link to http://prototype.heroesandgenerals.com
Download and install the client as indicated.
You will have more than enough Gold for testing purposes and grabbing the vehicles you want to play with! Please note that any gold, credits or warfunds are not transferred to the Live servers. What you do on the prototype server stays on the prototype server.
Q: How do I access the prototype server on Steam, Mail.Ru, or Hype?
A: Unfortunately, Prototype is only accessible through the standalone client. But you can use the same login, so you only need to download the stand-alone client.
Q: Can I play when I located outside Europe?
A: We have two different servers supporting prototype this time, one in Frankfurt, Germany like we normally have that gives good (or decent) ping for Europeans, Russians and most Americans, but we also have one running in Hong Kong so our Australian and Asian players should have a chance to play as well.
Q: Why is the downloading of the client progressing so slow?
A: During the initial opening of the server, there is a heavy load on download centers.
Q: What should I do if I encounter a crash?
A: If you experience crashes you should send the crash report right away!
Q: Does this impact my normal game?
A: No, You have a separate amount of credits, gold & warfunds as well as separate characters, weapons, vehicles etc. on the prototype server!
Q: Do I get the Gold, Warfunds and Credits back in the normal game?
A: No, the free stuff stays on the prototype server.
Q: Am I allowed to have fun?
A: YES! While this is a test it is also a game, so go have some fun! Check out other vehicles, factions and careers from what you normally play.

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