With just a slight delay we have the monthly update of the Development Overview ready for you all – We Make an effort to update it once a month so you can keep track of what we are working on here at RETO MOTO headquarters.
You can of course find the link to the ‘Development Overview’ both here and in the top menu under ‘DEVELOPMENT’.
The developers are focusing on getting the 1.12 Update ready for release. This is the update we internally refer to as the Vehicle Gameplay Update
If you want to see and try it out we have it available on our prototype server go read this blog post.
However, we also found time to move four new anti tank weapons into development. And start early development on a set of new faces for soldiers.
Below you will find a list of what we have added and what we have updated on the Development Overview:
New Projects

Visuals: New faces added to EARLY DEVELOPMENT

Projects Split
Additional Anti Tank Weapons Moved to DEVELOPMENT and split into:

Weapon: M9A1 bazooka
Weapon: Panzer Büche 39
Weapon: Granat Büche 39
Weapon: Ampulomet 1941

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