We have just updated the Development Overview – something we do every month so you can keep track of what we are working on here at RETO MOTO headquarters.
You can of course find the link to the ‘Development Overview’ both here and in the top menu under ‘DEVELOPMENT’.
Even with the summer holiday and most of the developers away on vacation with their families, we managed to finish and release a couple of the projects on the Development Overview.
The Chinese localization of Heroes & Generals got released just earlier this week bringing the total number of supported languages to ten.
And last week saw the release of the minor Update 1.11.1 with more than 50 community requested improvements and fixes. We have received a great deal of constructive player feedback on this update, and the team is already looking into various fixes and improvements based on this.
Finally we wanted to remind you that the sneak peak of the Vehicle Gameplay Update is still available to try out on the Prototype Server.
Feedback on this is more than welcome in the different prototype server forum threads related to Vehicle Handling Feedback, Vehicle Damage Feedback, and Deploy Feedback.
We continue to collect and quantify the feedback making it ready for the developers to work with when they return from vacation.
July Updates

Chinese localization moved to RELEASED
Assault team optimization moved to RELEASED


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