Prototype Sneak Peak a great success

When we opened Prototype Server about two weeks ago giving you the players a sneak peak of the Vehicle Gameplay Update, we weren’t expecting the amount of feedback that we have received. 
The Vehicle Gameplay Update is a massive undertaking and a lot of changes are coming to the game:

A more interesting damage system for vehicles, making them more realistic and challenging both when using and dealing with them.
A more transparent deployment system, where your choice of equipment affect your performance in the battle. It allows you to use the vehicle best fit for the situation and makes starter gear more useful.
A way to allow you to easily play with your friends, no matter what your favourite class is.
New terrain types that affect your vehicle’s handling and performance.
An opportunity to balance all the vehicles, allowing to make top-tier tanks more powerful and challenging.

You can read more about the current Prototype Server and how you can contribute in this blog post.
More than 800 replies
We have received more than 800 replies to the different prototype server forum threads related to Vehicle Handling Feedback, Vehicle Damage Feedback, and Deploy Feedback. 
All that feedback has been collected and presented to the developers so they can make decisions with community input in mind.
Currently and with your help, we have been able to identify, among others, the following issues. Some were known, and others have already been fixed:

Map holding is bugged when inside a vehicle
Sounds not working correctly
Missing blood splatter when shooting at friendlies (well observed!)
Tanks halt for a second when switching from main gun to coaxial
Can crawl through tank models
Tank loadouts in the main menu and the game don’t match
Leaving a match (for whatever reason) prevents you from deploying vehicles if you re-enter it
Planes have an unlimited climb rate
Can’t interact with Panzerfaust crates (good research skills LcATD!)
Certain tank rounds don’t deal damage / create penetration effects
Bullet holes don’t show on vehicles with custom paint jobs (only the default one)
The name of the selected (infantry) soldier is shown twice (once large and once on top of the class name)
The error message “You already have this equipped” makes no sense
The newly added bar covers southern deploy points, so you can’t select them
Clicking a control point that is not the initial squad control point just performs a camera animation
Dropped weapons and corpses seem to have collision (Thanks HGHappyJack!)
Entering through windows bugged

Summer holiday is upon us
We encountered more issues with crashes than we were expecting.
Fixing all those crashes has left us with little time to start implementing the results from the feedback that we received from you. We believe that, before we start to balance the game and implementing the changes that you request, we need to make sure that the the system is functioning and fully playable.
This means that we will not have time to do any major balancing passes before a lot of developers leave for summer holiday.
But don’t worry! We have decided to keep the server open to give even more players the chance to try out the new system and give us their opinions on how to improve it.
We will continue to collect and quantify the feedback that you provide us and turn it into useful information for the developers so, once they start returning from vacation, we can get to work on the balancing phase.
We truly appreciate all of your feedback. So thank you to everyone who have participated so far!
NB: Remember; before reporting something not working or being weird please take a look at both the changelog and known issues for the Prototype server.

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